NexLog™ 740


3U form factor, rack mount (optional slide rails), 8 to 96 channels

Eventide® NexLog™ mission-critical communications logging systems reliably capture, store, protect, reproduce, and manage important interactions and critical data. NexLog logging systems help you securely document and retrieve incidents, comply with regulations, and improve your facility’s operations. Eventide NexLog communications logging systems offer outstanding flexibility and ease of use, with a choice of advanced capability remote software or convenient touch-screen front panel operation. Call records are stored in a state-of-the-art SQL relational database, and NexLog logging systems feature an embedded Linux operating system for maximum reliability and compatibility with your existing Windows infrastructure.

NG9-1-1 Capabilities
NexLog communications logging systems have been designed to comply with the NENA standard for recording of NG9-1-1 primary interactions via the “SIP-Invite” method. The resulting recordings are immediately available for replay, instant recall, forensic research, incident management, burn-to-CD, email, and export. NexLog logging systems also support a standards-compliant NG9-1-1 event logging web service that allows other NG9-1-1 subsystems (functional elements) to deposit and retrieve data such as call routing logs and geo-location. This web-service interface also permits other systems to receive an incident’s recorded media via RTSP.

Resilience Features
Eventide NexLog communications loggers offer multiple levels of resilience, including redundant power supplies, redundant hard disk drives (choices of RAID levels 1, 5, or 1+0) or SAN connectivity, redundant network capability (via NIC bonding), and multiple choices for archive redundancy and network-based archive storage. The NexLog 840 logger is equipped with dual hot-swap load-sharing 120/240 VAC power supplies.

Security Features
NexLog Communications Logging Recorders include a multi-tier security system that controls user access based on role and channel assignments. NexLog has been designed to enhance security by encouraging users to employ strong passwords and to use them properly. Password policy options include complexity enforcement, automatic aging, change reminders, expiration, and lock-out. In addition, each user’s access and actions are audited and available for review.

Recording Capabilities
NexLog Communications Logging Recorders have been designed to provide full-time recording for compliance needs, as well as distributed recording for enterprises with multiple sites. NexLog loggers passively record digital PBX telephones, VoIP telephones, analog telephones, analog C.O. lines, analog radio audio, T1 & E1 trunks, ISDN-PRI trunks, ISDN30 trunks, SIP trunks, IP-dispatch consoles (AVTEC, Telex, Zetron, and others), Radio over IP (RoIP), trunked and conventional 2-way radio, EFJ P25 radio, Windows PC Screens, and more.

Channel Capacities
The NexLog 740 logger is field upgradeable from 8 to 96 digital, 8 to 96 analog channels, 8 to 96+ VoIP channels, 8 – 96 NG9-1-1 “SIP-Invite” channels, 24 – 192 T1/PRI channels, or 30 -240 E1 channels. A wide range of mixed channel quantities (digital, analog, VoIP/RoIP, etc.) can be supported within a single NexLog 740 logger. Multiple NexLog Communications Logging Recorders may be easily combined to provide recording solutions for higher channel counts and/or multiple sites.

Web-based NexLog Configuration Manager Software
NexLog communications loggers include the NexLog Configuration Manager software, which permits secure browser-based access to system configuration parameters. NexLog Configuration Manager software also allows the administration of password policies and assignment of each user’s system access permissions.

Additional Features and Options
Metadata Integration Capabilities
Multiple Internal Storage Array Options
Flexible Archive Capabilities
Source: Eventide

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